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This reflects enormous racial inequalities in health and health care in the United States. A panel of Berkeley professors will discuss race\, law\, and health policy. \nSpeakers are: Erwin Chemerinsky\, Dean and Jesse H. Choper Distinguished Professor of Law\, UC Berkeley School of Law; Khiara M. Bridges\, Professor of Law\, UC Berkeley School of Law; Mahasin S. Mujahid\, Chancellor’s Professor of Public Health and Director of the Epidemiology/Biostatistics MPH Program; and Osagie K. Obasogie\, Haas Distinguished Chair and Professor of Bioethics\, Joint Medical Program\, UC Berkeley School of Public Health; Tina Sacks\, Assistant Professor\, School of Social Welfare | Faculty Chair\, Center for Research on Social Change at the Institute for the Study of Societal Issues. \nThis event is sponsored by Berkeley Law and the School of Public Health. \n URL: LOCATION:Live Webinar CATEGORIES:COVID-19 Events,Webinars ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=America/Los_Angeles:20200707T100000 DTEND;TZID=America/Los_Angeles:20200707T110000 DTSTAMP:20200730T082408 CREATED:20200702T215925Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200702T221414Z SUMMARY:Koret Berkeley Tel Aviv Initiative (KBTI) in Computational Biology COVID-19 seminars DESCRIPTION:Webinar link:\nPassword: 531019 \n\nKoret Berkeley Tel Aviv Initiative (KBTI) in Computational Biology presents two seminars on studies of COVID-19 spread. This is a joint seminar series between University of California\, Berkeley and Tel Aviv University. \n10:05 am PT: Adi Stern\, Principal Investigator \nSchool of Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences\nTel Aviv University \nFull genome viral sequences inform patterns of SARS-CoV-2 spread into and within Israel \nFull genome sequences are increasingly used to track the geographic spread and transmission dynamics of viral pathogens. Here\, with a focus on Israel\, we sequenced 212 SARS-CoV-2 sequences and use them to perform a comprehensive analysis to trace the origins and spread of the virus. We found that returning travelers from the U.S. contributed dramatically more to viral spread relative to their proportion in incoming infected travelers. Using phylodynamic analysis\, we estimated that the basic reproduction number of the virus was initially around 2.5\, dropping by more than two-thirds following the implementation of social distancing measures. We further found high levels of transmission heterogeneity in SARS-CoV-2 spread\, with between 2-10% of infected individuals resulting in 80% of secondary infections. Overall\, our findings demonstrate the effectiveness of social distancing measures for reducing viral spread. \n10:30 am PT: Joseph Lewnard\, Assistant Professor \nSchool of Public Health and Center for Computational Biology\nUniversity of California\, Berkeley \nTransmission dynamics of COVID-19: observations from the United States and India \nRecent experience in China\, Europe\, and the United States demonstrates the threat posed by COVID-19 to public health and healthcare systems in high-income settings. Little is known about the threat posed by COVID-19 in low-resource settings where populations encounter prevalent overcrowding and healthcare capacity is limited. I will review the epidemiology of severe COVID-19 within a cohort of 9 million individuals in California and Washington State receiving healthcare from Kaiser Permanente during the first epidemic wave. I will then present data from comprehensive surveillance and contact-tracing studies from two states in South India\, highlighting differences from the experience of high-income settings. \nWebinar link:\nPassword: 531019 \nIf you have any questions\, please email Kristen Martins-Taylor. \n URL: LOCATION:Live Webinar CATEGORIES:COVID-19 Events,Webinars ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=America/Los_Angeles:20200708T090000 DTEND;TZID=America/Los_Angeles:20200708T190000 DTSTAMP:20200730T082408 CREATED:20200630T153838Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200630T180547Z SUMMARY:This Is Public Health Virtual Fair DESCRIPTION:This is Public Health (TIPH) is hosting the Virtual Fair for Programs and School of Public Health on Wednesday\, July 8 from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm EST. \n \n URL: LOCATION:Online CATEGORIES:Prospective Student Events ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/png: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=America/Los_Angeles:20200715T120000 DTEND;TZID=America/Los_Angeles:20200715T130000 DTSTAMP:20200730T082408 CREATED:20200630T182708Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200708T015844Z SUMMARY:Powerhouse Virtual Webinar DESCRIPTION: \nHear from the Public Health Powerhouse (UC Berkeley\, University of Minnesota\, University of Michigan\, University of North Carolina\, George Washington University\, and Emory University) about how to apply to our graduate programs in public health. Event will take place from 12pm – 1pm PST. \nRegistration link \n URL: LOCATION:Online CATEGORIES:Prospective Student Events ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=America/Los_Angeles:20200721T120000 DTEND;TZID=America/Los_Angeles:20200721T130000 DTSTAMP:20200730T082408 CREATED:20200630T182507Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200630T182507Z SUMMARY:Berkeley Public Health Residential and Online Admissions Webinar DESCRIPTION:Join our admissions advisors to learn more about the different programs we offer at UC Berkeley and our application requirements! \n \n URL: LOCATION:Online CATEGORIES:Online MPH Program Events,Prospective Student Events ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=America/Los_Angeles:20200729T120000 DTEND;TZID=America/Los_Angeles:20200729T130000 DTSTAMP:20200730T082408 CREATED:20200707T220435Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200707T220435Z SUMMARY:Funding Your Degree: Info Session for Prospective Applicants DESCRIPTION:Interested in pursuing a graduate degree at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health\, but unsure about how to fund your education? Join our Student Funding and Admissions Coordinator\, Betssy Valencia\, for an info session on funding your degree. Betssy will cover tuition and financial aid\, fellowships and scholarships\, and obtaining graduate employment! \n \n URL: LOCATION:Live Webinar CATEGORIES:Prospective Student Events,Webinars ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR